Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
.Changes to CTBUH Governance

In line with its expanding operation, the CTBUH is changing its Governance, including creation of a new Board of Trustees. The need for these changes have been partly driven by our expanded relationship with IIT, who have stipulated that the Council must become an incorporated entity within the state of Illinois, with a not-for-profit 501(c)3 status (the Council is currently an unincorporated 501(c)3 entity within the state of Pennsylvania). The new CTBUH organizational diagram shows the new structure of the CTBUH, which has been developed by the Executive Committee in conjunction with CTBUH’s legal counsel. This is accompanied by new by-laws.   CTBUH Proposed Organizational Structure
The biggest change in this new Governance structure, as a response to incorporation, is the establishment of a new Board of Trustees whose main purpose will be the overseeing and audit of the operations and finances of the Council. This new Board of Trustees will consist of initially 7 individuals (shown below) who will meet on a twice-annual basis to oversee the work and direction of the Council.

David Scott – Chairman                          New York
Ron Klemencic – Vice-Chair                  Seattle
Antony Wood – Executive Director        Chicago
Charles Killebrew – Treasurer              New Haven
William Maibusch – Secretary               Doha
Sabah Al Rayes                                        Kuwait
William Baker                                           Chicago 

Within the new Board of Trustees, an executive committee – comprising the positions of chair of the board, vice-chair, executive director, secretary and treasurer – will meet on a regular basis to steer day-to-day Council operations. The intention is that both David Scott and Ron Klemencic will step down from the chair and vice-chair positions respectively within 6 months to 1 year, to become trustees of the board and be replaced in the executive roles by a new chair and vice-chair.  This will then get the board up to the anticipated total of 9 people as stipulated in the by-laws. One of the first actions of the new board will be to appoint a search committee to appoint a new chair and vice-chair, and to review the procedures by which board members are elected.

The existing steering group structure will be maintained, but re-named as the Advisory Group, who will meet once per year and serve as the main advisory body to the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee. For any comments on these changes, to express interest in serving on the board in the future, or to express interest in the new chair / vice-chair positions, please contact CTBUH Headquarters.