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CTBUH Canada Given Inside Look at Aura Tower
October 29, 2013
Richard Witt, Chair, CTBUH Canada
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TORONTO - The CTBUH Canada chapter hosted a tour of Canada’s future tallest residential building, Aura, on October 29, 2013. When completed, the building will be 272 meters tall. The hosts were Canderel’s Executive Vice President Ben Rogowski and Project Manager Julie Robinson; architect Berardo Graziani, principal atGraziani + Corazza Architects; and structural engineer Tibor Kokai, a principal at Read Jones Christoffersen Consulting Engineers. The guides gave insights into the project as the group visited several key completed and under-construction areas of the development. Construction managers Reliance were also on hand to provide building and hoist access.

CTBUH Canada Chapter Chairman, Richard Witt of Quadrangle Architects, Secretary Mark Garland of LCL Builds, and Treasurer Michael Montgomery of Kinetica organized and planned the chapter’s second building tour, culminating in a discussion with Canderel’s Ben Rogowski. More than 50 people participated in the tour, far surpassing expectations. A broad cross section of the tall building community was represented, including leaders from various sectors, including development, construction, architecture and engineering.
Delegates toured the under construction Aura
After Witt’s brief introduction in the completed and operational retail concourse, the group went to the main building lobby, still under construction, for an in-depth introduction to the entire project by the guides. On view was a 2.5-meter-thick post-tensioned transfer slab capping the retail podium, which performs as the base for the residential tower. The group then split in two to visit the 68th floor, which was still a bare concrete structure, above the curtain-wall cladding. This allowed the group to observe the building frame, which is sufficiently stiff such that no damping system is required. From there, the group was presented with exceptional views of the City of Toronto (on all four sides) and all the way across Lake Ontario to Rochester and Niagara Falls in New York state.
Aura provides fantastic views of downtown Toronto
The group next visited the occupied part of the building, touring two completed condominium suites on the 29th floor.  Construction started in January 2010. Retail podium occupancy began in November 2011, and residential occupancy up to Level 30 was achieved in August 2013. Eight hundred people are currently living in the building, though concrete structural work isn’t expected to conclude until year’s end.  The residential occupants must have a high degree of tolerance for noise, as the vertical standpipe for concrete delivery is impossible to dampen. At the time of substantial completion (scheduled for July 2014) there will be 990 residential units.
From left to right: Tibor Kokai, Read Jones Christoffersen; Ben Rogowski, Canderel; Berardo Graziani, Graziani + Corazza Architects; Richard Witt, CTBUH Canada Chair/Quadrangle Architects
The tour was followed with a hosted bar at the adjacent Elephant and Castle pub, facilitating further discussion and relationship-building among CTBUH members. The next CTBUH Canada event, a breakfast series panel discussion entitled  “Design, Cost and Return on Investment,” is scheduled for January. The next under-construction building tour is being identified now, and will occur in the spring of 2014.

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Delegates Attending the Meeting

Guides: Ben Rogowski Canderel

Mark Peaker Reliance

Barry Graziani Graziani + Corazza Architects

Tibor Kokai Read Jones Christoffersen
Organizers: Michael Montgomery Kinetica
Mark Garland LCL Builds Corporation

Richard Witt Quadrangle Architects
Attendees: Ken Lum Adamson Associates

Andy Seman Adamson Associates

Paul McMurray Beaverhall

David Bowick Blackwell Engineers

Renee MacKay-Lyons Blackwell Structural Engineers

Bronwen Parsons Canadian Consulting Engineer Mag.

Kerry Steer Canderel

Shannon Hilchie Cast Connex

Claudio Santon Claudio A Santon Architect

Enrico Leva Cresford Developments

Pouyan Safapour Devron Developments

Rob Haggert EPCM Solution

Brant Oldershaw Genivar WSP

David Hamilton Graywood Developments

Domenic Biase Graziani + Corazza Architects

Gino Colangelo Graziani + Corazza Architects

Enzo Corazza Graziani + Corazza Architects

Nino Francavilla Graziani + Corazza Architects

Guillermo Gabrielli Halsall Associates

Jeff Stephenson Halsall Associates

Marc Bohemier LCL Builds Corporation

Nader Khajenouri LCL Builds Corporation

Douglas Peters LCL Builds Corporation

Matthew Kingston Minto Communities Canada

Frank Pagliuca Minto Communities Canada

Chris Sherriff-Scott Minto Communities Canada

Keri Washer Minto Communities Canada

Danny Rosanova MMM Group Ltd.

Tibor Kokai Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.

Kevin MacLean Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.

David Francisco Royal LePage Your Community

Constantin Christopoulos University of Toronto

Moe Kamleh University of Toronto

Brenda McCabe University of Toronto

David Collins Zeidler Partnership Architects

Mohammad Abrar Alam Khan