Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CTBUH in NSW Holds Launch Event
April 30, 2014
Lisa Woods, Hassell Studio; Richard Palmer, WSP
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SYDNEY - The CTBUH in New South Wales, Australia, launched on April 30 with an evening event at 8 Chifley - one of Sydney's newest iconic tall buildings. Hosted by Corrs, and supported by Permasteelisa Group, Polin Wines, Hassell and WSP, the event marked the opening of the committee Design Excellence in Sydney series.
The Pecha-Kucha-style evening of cheese, wine and design explored the concepts and thinking from all the short-listed designers for the recent Parramatta Square Phase 5 and 6 (twin commercial towers) design competition. It is rare to get a concentration of individuals with such a design pedigree sharing their thinking in a single public event. Philip Vivian (BatesSmart), Richard Francis-Jones (fjmt), Graeme Dix (JPW) and Ken McBryde (Hassell, representing Mario Cucinella Architects) did not disappoint.

The short talks captured the imagination of the 150+ audience with breathtaking fly-throughs, and views the like of which have never been seen before in Parramatta. Certainly the project is an exciting one, but perhaps even more gratifying was the breadth of perspective on how to “go tall” in that context. A stunning diversity of form, flexibility and facade were on offer, with true urban innovation shown in the integration of square, tower and station.
Philip Vivian of Bates Smart Architects
The Design Excellence approach in Sydney in many ways institutionalizes design competitions for tall buildings.  On the one hand, it delivers a wealth of conceptual thinking about the form of the city's skyline and urban environment. On the other, it has had a substantial impact on the architectural industry in Sydney, with huge resources dedicated to a great deal of work that does not pass the competition stage. It is also the nature of design competitions that much of the creative competition-thinking gets lost once the competition process has run its course.
Graeme Dix of JPW Architects
All 4 Speakers (Left to right): Richard Francis-Jones, Philip Vivian, Graeme Dix & Ken Mcbryde
In the interest of knowledge sharing and capturing the creative thinking of design competitions to inform our urban environment, the CTBUH in NSW has selected “Design Excellence” as the theme for its first series of events. The series seeks to capture the approach and thinking of the leading designers of Sydney's tall buildings and urban habitat. The series seeks to share the world- class design thinking that is at the city’s disposal. It is our hope that this open conversation inspires higher quality urban spaces.
Attendees: Cressida Beale, Ashley Littlewood, Liz Westgarth & Jemma Bosso

CTBUH Committee Sydney: Richard Palmer, Ken McBryde, Stephen Giblett & Drew Hakin
CTBUH in NSW would like to thank the sponsors, speakers, hosts and audience for bringing the spirit of shared knowledge to the event.

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Attendees: First Name Surname
  David Alessi
  Frances Badelow
  James Brooks
  Alison Brown
  Richard Brown
  Nathan Burchell
  Andy Butler
  Ryan Campbell
  Richard Cass
  Stephen Chamberlain
  Eve Clark
  Gary Connah
  Robert Creed
  Emma Crothers
  Emma Crothers
  Steven Donaghey
  John Ferendinos
  Stacey Fishwick
  Marianne Foley
  Gabriele Francis
  Paul Gallagher
  Clint Gavin
  Scott Gregg
  Natalie Grice
  Lisa Harden
  Andrew Harvey
  Michael Haysler
  James Henriques
  Kiri Hetariki
  Leone Lorrimer
  Mac Lydiard
  Julia Mahoney
  Richard Mann
  Robert Marinelli
  Alison McDonagh
  Stephen Mee
  John Merrick
  Perry Milledge
  Steve Newton
  John Nichols
  Joseph Paonessa
  Helen Papathanasiou
  Anthony Parrington
  Lester Partridge
  Sergio Petricca
  Harry Poulos
  Michelle Punch
  Jessie Quigley
  Richard Rigby
  Craig Rockliff
  Margaret Scott
  Paul Shaw
  Mark Sheldon
  Jad Silvester
  Paul Sloman
  Bob Stephenson
  Tasman Storey
  Daniel Szwaj
  Andrew Tam
  Tony Thorp
  Vicky Tomaras
  Danielle Webster
  Richard Weinman
  Ronald Wood