Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Pratt 5th Year Highrise Design Studio – Midterm Critique
November 8, 2016
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NEW YORK CITY – On November 8, the Education Committee of the CTBUH New York Young Professionals Committee (YPC) sat in on a Midterm Critique for Pratt Institute’s 5th Year High-Rise Design Studio, in collaboration with their two studio leaders, Michael Trencher and Kathy Dunne, organized by YPC Education Co-Chair Devon Telberg, Principal, Telberg Studio.

As part of the CTBUH New York YPC, the Education Committee strives to work with academic partners in creating a mentorship environment between young professionals and students, furthering the study of tall buildings and urban habitats.
The Pratt studio endeavors to study the conceptual, socio-economic, urban-regional, and technical aspects to the conditions specific to high-rise architecture in high-density urban spaces. Michael Trencher and Kathy Dunne lead the studio with design research objectives, and later in the academic year aim to task their students with designing an entire high-rise building with these different issues researched, designed, and expressed to reflect the variety of specific sites chosen at the students’ discretion.
Students from Pratt Institute present their work to panelists.
The students have been working hard this semester to put together their individual projects’ synopses and design research about the issues they've chosen. At this point in the semester, they have progressed with their non-technical research about their urban issues in different selected cities around the world, touching on social and economic issues ranging from the political corruption in the valley of Caracas, Venezuela to the spur of modern development on the historic mountainside city of Chongqing, China. Through their research, students touch upon the range of urban issues spanning moments in our current history and examine the solutions and effects that tall buildings in high-density environments can bring to the global discussion.
Student presented interesting solutions for the future development of global issues.
The students presented very interesting architectural high-rise solutions for the future development of global issues, customized to the culture and site of their locales, sometimes reflecting their own diverse personal backgrounds.

Over the course of this academic year, the Education Committee has been organizing events for our network of young professionals to participate and connect with academic students in their design projects.

Lending the professional expertise in observing new academic ideas, the students benefit in advancing their designs to reflect current professional reflections from on-the-job experience. In return, our young professionals have benefitted from the conceptual perception of their work as transformed into serious academic studies that further the socio-economic and cultural implications of high-rise design.

The students did a great job presenting their ideas about integrating sustainable technology, considering site and programming, and investigating the social issues surrounding high-density environments. Our CTBUH volunteers applaud their efforts, and look forward to participating at their next studio critique.

This opportunity was created in partnership with CTBUH YPC Education Co-Coordinators, Jim Bushong, FXFowle; Devon Telberg; and Syracuse University’s Studio Director Angela Co.
Young Professional Committee volunteers:
Devon Telberg CTBUH
Patrick Delahoy Fosters
Jim Bushong FXFowle
Brent Chancellor LERA
Dessen Hillman NBBJ