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CTBUH NYC Young Professionals Committee:
Education Committee Meeting
May 5, 2016
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NEW YORK CITY – On May 5, the CTBUH New York Young Professionals Committee (YPC) had their last event of the academic year as part of their collaboration with Pratt Institute’s 5th-Year Design Studio. Lead by professors Michael Trencher and Kathy Dunne, the event was organized by CTBUH YPC Education Chair Dave Freedman, Architectural Designer, Foster + Partners.
Over the course of the academic year, volunteer members of the YPC participated in collaboration with the Pratt Institute design studio, which focused on designing tall buildings. As many as 10–15 CTBUH members served as volunteers for the Saturday workshops and as jury panelists over the course of two semesters. All offered valuable professional advice to the architecture students throughout their studies.This was the first year of the collaboration, and both organizers and volunteers were delighted with the end results of the projects.
Students from Pratt Institute present their work to panelists.
In November 2015, CTBUH volunteers participated in a morning workshop to speak with students on an individual basis and generate project concepts relating to each student’s identified focus theme. Then, in December, volunteers sat in for a final presentation of students’ intended thesis and related research. Over the course of the spring semester, other workshop sessions with students allowed volunteers to individually advise on matters of structure, mechanics, elevator diagrams, façade details, program considerations, foundation issues, and other site-specific considerations. CTBUH volunteers were also invited to critique projects as jury panelists for the midterm examination on April 9, and for a final critique on May 5, 2016. A large turnout for the final critique served as proof that all participants, whether student or professional, benefited from this collaborative partnership. Both professors and volunteers alike were proud of many of the projects that the Pratt Institute architecture students were able to study and develop into theses.
CTBUH volunteer representatives met with the students several times throughout the year.
Some memorable projects touched upon a wide range of target users related to macro-level issues that the world is confronting today. One student focused on developing a Refugee Tower in Athens, Greece as a place to receive refugees within mixed-use multi-residential/institutional/healthcare spaces, and housing for the organizational workforce and volunteers required to service them.Another duo team designed a megastructure development over existing historic buildings in Havana, Cuba to provide an infrastructural framework for planning development in the Cuban capital, a relevant topic now that borders are starting to open to American commercial interests. The architectural development addresses the hot local climate by providing shaded ground level spaces and cultural facilities in an add-on arrangement that imitates current Cuban construction practices.
The students addressed a range of macro-level issues that the world is confronting today.
CTBUH volunteers provide meaningful critiques on the final projects.
A team of students jointly studied a tower for environmental, site-specific water recycling, and designed a façade specifically integrated into a plumbing network for water treatment, incorporating it with local commercial office space, highlighting clear benefits to the community in Brooklyn, New York.Another memorable project was a mixed-use tall building on the Seattle waterfront that combined long-term healthcare treatment with short-stay, multi-residential units, creating an institutional facility with plenty of balcony garden spaces for the wellness industry. Combining cancer treatment with residential units facilitated a concept for a tall building focused on creating a community centered around long-term treatment.Overall, the students did a great job examining the interaction of residences with social spaces, public vs. private, and the mixing of different building functions. Some very interesting site analyses were used to assess and research  high-density urban environment,  particularly those combining high-quality living conditions with  institutional city services. Our CTBUH volunteers applaud their efforts and look forward to participating again in this capacity next year.

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