Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
New CTBUH Chair Search, 2009
CTBUH Chair nominations now closed
There has been a very positive response to the call for nominations, with a number of highly qualified leaders expressing interest. Short-listed candidates will prepare a ‘vision statement’, with a final decision and announcement made on 1st June.

Organizational Chart    

Click here for a pdf of the search criteria & process.

Previous Chair Positions

1969-1976        Lynn S. Beedle, USA
1976-1979        Duiliu Sfintesco, France
1979-1982        Fazlur Rahman Khan, USA
1982-1985        John Rankine, Australia
1985-1990        Leslie E. Robertson, USA
1990-1993        Ignacio Martin, Puerto Rico
1993-1996        Gilberto do Valle, Brazil
1996-2001        R. Shankar Nair, USA
2001-2006        Ron Klemencic, USA
2006-present    David Scott, USA

Role of the Chair: Overview
The Chair’s role and responsibilities have changed throughout the 40-year history of the Council, according to the initiatives being pursued, the level of CTBUH resources in support and the state of the building industry. Today the Chair’s main role is to oversee the strategic steering and direction of the Council, in conjunction with the  7-9 member
CTBUH Board of Trustees which the Chair also Chairs.  The long-term direction and vision of the Council is thus the responsibility of the Board of Trustees, with the Chair being the ‘strongest voice’ on that board. The Chair is expected to outline a vision/plan for the Council for the duration of his/her tenure for consideration by the Board of Trustees prior to his/her appointment.

The CTBUH Chair position is a 2-year tenure, ideally preceeded by a 1-year position as Vice-Chair / Chair-Elect. The appointment to the Board of Trustees is thus for 3 years, with an opportunity for re-election afterwards. Click
to download the CTBUH by-laws which explain the role of the CTBUH Board of Trustees and other groups / committees within the Council’s organizational structure. Click here to download CTBUH Organizational Chart.

Chair: Specific Responsibilities

  1. Set the broader vision / plan / steering of the Council, in conjunction with the Board of Trustees.
  2.  Help with generating revenue for the Council, primarily through encouraging membership and sponsorship.
  3. Be a spokesperson for the Council, and promote its mission and aims internationally.
  4. Chair the twice-annual Board of Trustee meetings, and once-annual Advisory Group meeting (usually held in conjunction with a Board of Trustees meeting), including setting of the agenda for the meetings.
  5. Oversee the general operations of the Council, primarily through a weekly / bi-weekly teleconference with CTBUH Executive Director / Executive Committee.
  6. Prepare monthly ‘voice from the industry’ articles for CTBUH Newsletter, and quarterly articles for CTBUH Journal
  7. Lead specific ‘projects’ for the Council e.g. a conference, world congress, research project, publication etc.
  8. Be involved in all initiatives of the Council e.g. annual awards, conferences, working groups, CTBUH Journal and other publications etc.

Chair: Profile
There is no fixed profile for the CTBUH Chair, but a prior involvement in the conception, design, construction and/or operation of tall buildings is a pre-requisite. The person could be from a building-industry background (architect, engineer or similar) or be an academic of high standing. In either case, the Chair should command a very high profile within the tall building world, and the respect of his/her peers internationally. Ideally the Chair would enjoy high-profile connections with individuals and organizations within the building industry internationally, and be able to use those connections for the benefit of the Council, for example, in the arrangement of keynote speakers at conferences etc.

Time Commitment
It is difficult to accurately state the expected time commitment for the Chair position, since this fluctuates with the initiatives being undertaken (for example, in a CTBUH conference week it could be 80% of the week), whereas in a normal week it might only be a few hours. It will also be influenced by how much the Chair wants to put into the position, i.e. is it just primarily a steering role, a very involved role, or a steering overview + specific projects role? Current Chair David Scott estimates that during his tenure the position constitutued approximately 15-25% of his working time overall. It is worth noting that Chair candidates are expected to have the full support of their organizations, both financially and in allowing their time commitment. The organization supporting the Chair stands to benefit through promotion of the company name / brand supporting the Chair.

Next Chair Position 2009-2011

The current Chair, David Scott’s tenure will come to an end during 2009. Nominations are thus sought for the next Chair who will serve for 2 years between approximately Fall 2009 to Fall 2011. The plan is that the successful candidate will be elected as Vice Chair by summer 2009 so that there are a few months’ overlap before the formal chair hand-over, which is expected to occur at the CTBUH’s annual conference / 40th Anniversary celebratory event in Chicago in October 2009.

Nominations are thus sought from the CTBUH membership on potential Chair candidates, in the form of submitting the candidate’s name and contact details to CTBUH Manager of Operations Geri Kery at The Board of Trustees, which is the effective Chair Search Committee (see listing below) will form a short-list from the nominations and ask short-listed candidates to provide a resume of prior relevant background and a brief outline of their vision for the CTBUH in the coming years. Candidates should conduct an audit of current activities / understanding of operations (via reviewing CTBUH website: in the compilation of this vision.


Call for Nominations:   mid-Februray 2009
Deadline for Nominations:      31st March 2009.
Evaluation of Nominations and short-listing:   17th April 2009
Short-listed Candidates to submit ‘vision’ statement:   24th April 2009
Communication back to Nominees:          24th May 2009
Formal Announcement of Vice Chair:   1st June 2009
Start of Chair 2-year tenure:          October 2009

* CTBUH Board of Trustees / Chair Search Committee

David Scott Chairman Arup, New York
Ron Klemencic Vice-Chair MKA, Seattle
Antony Wood    Exec. Director IIT, Chicago
Charles Killebrew Treasurer Pickard Chilton, New Haven
William G. Maibusch Secretary Turner Construction, Qatar
William F. Baker Trustee SOM, Chicago
Sabah Al Rayes Trustee PACE, Kuwait